You should keep your NCP instance up to date using some or all of the options available from ncp-web/updates or ncp-config/updates.

Keep in mind that there are 3 separate things that need updates;

  • The OperatingSystem (Debian/Raspbian), use unattended-upgrades
  • Nextcloud, use nc-autoupdate-nc
  • NextCloudPi, use nc-autoupdate-ncp

It is highly recommended to use these tools, other methods, including NC's native updater, may or may not work, use at your own risk.

If you have not done so, make (or setup auto-) backups.


Automatically apply NextCloudPi updates (i.e. v1.12.4). A cron job checks for updates once a day.


Automatically apply Nextcloud updates (i.e. 16.0.1) Nextcloud will generally be auto updated after it has been checked and tested by NCP devs.


Notify in Nextcloud Admin area, when a NextCloudPi update is available


Periodically update all installed Nextcloud Apps.


Update all installed Nextcloud Apps


Update current instance to a new Nextcloud version. You can use it to update to newer and stable version of Nextcloud anytime you want. Nc-update-nextcloud will create a backup, without data, of current NC before installing the new version and revert to it if something goes wrong during the upgrade. Note: Leaving "0" will update NC to the latest version tested by NCP devs at that moment. The same version that would be updated to when nc-autoupdate-nc is enabled. That is NOT the latest version released to stable by NC devs. You have to enter the version manually to update to that version. Note: Skipping major NC versions is not supported; to go from 16 to 18, First update to 17, then to 18.


Update NextCloudPi. If you do not enable nc-autoupdate-ncp, you will need to manually run this once a week.


Automatic installation of security updates. Keep your OS and cloud safe. NCP users do not need to run apt manually.