Hi, I’m looking to use NextcloudPi; should I use a Raspberry Pi?

You certainly can! The latest Pi model will have better performance, but has a few downsides as nicely described in What’s Wrong with the Raspberry Pi. If you want to learn more about rpi’s power requirements, this article will be of use.

  • Pi 3b+ is a decent choice with gigabit networking, but there are better options!
  • Pi 2 works just okay.
  • Pi 3 works slightly better than the 2 model.
  • Pi Zero W has very low performance. Note: armv6 is no longer supported!

Best ARM Device for NextcloudPi

The best ARM device is not a Raspberry Pi! Surprise! It is a great device, but competition is heavy these days.

For price vs. performance the most popular NextcloudPi ARM Devices are:

  • Rock64 — same price as the Raspberry Pi 3b
  • ODROID HC-1 — 2.5″ Hard Disk support for $49.00
  • ODROID HC-2 — 3.5″ Hard Disk support for $55.00

If you have further questions, be sure to ask on our Telegram chat or Community Forum. There are tons of other options available, which you can read about here.