Staying up to date

You should keep your NCP instance up to date using some or all of the options available from ncp-web/updates or ncp-config/updates. Keep in mind that there are 3 separate things that need updates; The OperatingSystem (Debian/Raspbian), use unattended-upgrades Nextcloud, use nc-autoupdate-nc NextCloudPi, use nc-autoupdate-ncp It is highly recommended to use these tools, other methods, including […]

How to update Lynis

After running nc-audit your might see the following and wonder how to update Lynis: `! Version of Lynis is very old and should be updated [LYNIS]` Well this is how you can update Lynis (these instructions were slightly modified from CISOfy) 1. Import key from server Copy and paste the line below and then […]