Workflow and testing of new features

Updates run by ncp-update take the latest version from the master branch of the repo. These features need to be well tested in order to be merged to that branch. The typical workflow is Create a feature in a local separate branch Create a Pull Request to the devel branch Test the devel branch Merge […]

Testing NextCloudPi

This document describes the workflow to building and testing NCP. Help is welcome and needed! The more testers there are the less each single one of them has to work. Please, write us in the forums or Telegram if you are interested. Procedure @nachoparker is in charge of batch building all the appliances. The build […]

ncp app developer guide

THIS INFORMATION IS OUTDATED This section explains the basics for creating a new functionality that will show up in nextcloudpi-config and ncp-web. See also how to use the development environment. Anatomy of a ncp-app An ncp configuration option, such as nc-datadir, is defined by a single bash .sh file in /usr/local/etc/ncp-config.d. In order to be […]

How to update Lynis

After running nc-audit your might see the following and wonder how to update Lynis: `! Version of Lynis is very old and should be updated [LYNIS]` Well this is how you can update Lynis (these instructions were slightly modified from CISOfy) 1. Import key from server Copy and paste the line below and then […]

How to periodically backup to a second USB drive with NextCloudPi

This guide will help you set up automatic backup to a second USB drive. Important: make sure you use the drive label in nc-datadir and other configuration options. Use names such as /media/myCloudDrive, instead of /media/USBdrive, or otherwise the system will not be able to guess which drive holds the data and which one holds […]

How to enable SSH using nextcloudpi config or ncp web

In terminal type: sudo ncp-config (used to be nextcloudpi-config) or visit https://nextcloudpi.local:4443 and login with user: ncp password: Generated at activation (used to be: ownyourbits) Scroll down nextcloudpi-config screen and select SSH: Use arrow keys for up and down. Use tab key to move to select or cancel, enter to confirm. Type yes to enable […]

How to backup and restore a NextCloudPi instance using ncp config

You may want to move your NCP instance to a larger drive or restore it after a hardware failure. Note: check out this article on deciding your backup strategy. Making backup excluding your data You can visit https://nextcloudpi.local:4443 for NCP’s web interface or start ncp-config from your NCP terminal by typing: sudo ncp-config Move up […]

Email settings

If you want to receive emails for password recovery and notifications, you have to set up the email settings in Nextcloud. Email settings for Nextcloud are located in Admin -> Basic Settings -> Email server. There are 2 recommended ways to set the email address that mails come from: PHP (postfix) SMTP PHP is the […]

Development environment

Using docker In order to facilitate development, the x86 NextCloudPi docker container can be used. Install docker and docker-compose and git clone cd nextcloudpi docker-compose -f docker-compose-ncpdev.yml up We can now access the interface at https://localhost:4443. We can start working in the folder ncp-web from the repo and refresh the browser to see the […]