RaspberryPi 4: Change Boot Order Manually

Difficulty Level: very easy If you are running the latest Firmware on the RaspberryPi your Pi is able and should automatically boot from USB. If for some reason it does not, here is how to change the boot order manually. Use the command line and make sure that you run the latest EEPROM Version by […]

Raspberry PI 4 – Booting from USB Device (no microSD)

Difficulty Level: very easy Why would you want to boot from a USB drive? It is faster and a SSD has a far longer life expectancy than a microSD. Therefore, as a home user who wants to have a working system over several years, it is highly suggested doing this. (You could of course also […]

Why is my Pi(3 and older) so slow

Why? The RaspberryPi has very limited in IO because micro SD card is slow and the USB-Bus is shared between USB(-Storage) and Ethernet(Network). Circa 35 MB/s are shared between USB (the external storage when Nextcloud-data is moved there) and Ethernet. rpi-usb-discussion. Data is pulled from and pushed to RAM, micro-SD-card and if used, USB-Storage. Micro […]

Should I use a Raspberry Pi

This Document is out of date   New 64_bits images have been created for a number of SBC’s not listed below. 32_bits images wil no longer be generated, but RPi2/1/0 and other 32_bit SBC’s can still try the the curl installer although big uploads will not work and are no longer supported on 32_bits. So […]