Install OnlyOffice using Docker

Requirements Docker: Debian Stretch/Buster Recommended System Requirements for OnlyOffice DocumentServer RAM: 4 GB or more CPU: dual-core 2 GHz or higher Swap: at least 2 GB HDD: at least 2 GB of free space Distribution: 64-bit Red Hat, CentOS or other compatible distributive with kernel version 3.8 or later, 64-bit Debian, Ubuntu or other compatible […]

How do I change my Docker run command?

You’ve just followed the installation guide, but want to change your run command. I just forgot something. Update the container while it is running. $ docker update nextcloudpi $ADD-MISSING-OPTIONS and the new options will be appended. Don’t forgot to test everything is working by restarting. $ docker restart nextcloudpi Let’s write a totally new run […]

How to Automatically Restart NCP Docker

Docker is a useful tool, but you might have a power outage and find NextcloudPi doesn’t restart. Let’s fix this. $ docker ps -a stopped or exited Option 1. Automatically Restart NextcloudPi Docker You can just update your already configured container (nextcloudpi) since this option is missing from the original run command. $ docker update […]

How to get started with NCP docker

Install Docker I used the docker documentation for Debian which worked fine, but you’ll find instructions for other Linux flavors, MacOS and Windows  there too. Download and start The x86 version of NextCloudPi docker container features the latest Nextcloudpi networking and system management extras. Download it with: docker pull ownyourbits/nextcloudpi  (Should now work for all […]