Forum, Github or Telegram chat: which to use when ?

The main public channels, and what they are for: Nextcloud  and NCP support in general, use ncp tag if relevant All support related questions belong on the forum. Great for long form content. Available from search engines. Most questions have already been asked and answered. Great for whole community can profit from your question and […]

How do I change my Docker run command?

You’ve just followed the installation guide, but want to change your run command. I just forgot something. Update the container while it is running. $ docker update nextcloudpi $ADD-MISSING-OPTIONS and the new options will be appended. Don’t forgot to test everything is working by restarting. $ docker restart nextcloudpi Let’s write a totally new run […]

Curl installer

 Debian installer As a first step towards enjoying Nextcloud on systems other that the Raspberry Pi, a new way of installing NextCloudPi was introduced. Please note: A clean and minimal Debian Buster is expected. Just Linux basic tools and curl (& ssh) installed. Any conflicting or already existing services or configurations, can break the installer […]

Why is my Pi(3 and older) so slow

Why? The RaspberryPi has very limited in IO because micro SD card is slow and the USB-Bus is shared between USB(-Storage) and Ethernet(Network). Circa 35 MB/s are shared between USB (the external storage when Nextcloud-data is moved there) and Ethernet. rpi-usb-discussion. Data is pulled from and pushed to RAM, micro-SD-card and if used, USB-Storage. Micro […]

How to install NextCloudPi

Download the Image for your Hardware If you are comfortable using BitTorrent please use it for downloading and share the Torrent files to save us some server traffic, thank you! For this you can use a BitTorrent client like Transmission and leave it running to continue serving the files after downloading. You’ll find the torrent, […]

How to get started with NCP docker

Install Docker I used the docker documentation for Debian which worked fine, but you’ll find instructions for other Linux flavors, MacOS and Windows  there too. Download and start The x86 version of NextCloudPi docker container features the latest Nextcloudpi networking and system management extras. Download it with: docker pull ownyourbits/nextcloudpi  (Should now work for all […]

How to access NextCloudPi

This guide will help you access NextCloudPi. Access Instant Domain Name Access When up and running, your device should become accessible at https://nextcloudpi or https://nextcloudpi.local. First time access will be redirected automatically to the activation page Copy the passwords for later use, you will be able to review or reset them with nc-admin (for NC) […]

How to access from outside your network

You can do these steps from the TUI or from the WebUI. Port Forwarding Most home Routers come with a firewall installed which blocks outside requests to inside computers. In order for you to access your Nextcloud from the outside of your house, you need to allow ports 80 and 443 and forward them to […]

How and where to get help

Where Your best chance at getting help and getting answers is asking questions on the forum. Please do take the time to investigate (search), maybe your question has already been asked and answered. Thank you! For general discussion you can join us at Telegram chat group Only bugs, issues and feature requests concerning NCP code […]