RaspberryPi 4: Change Boot Order Manually

Difficulty Level: very easy If you are running the latest Firmware on the RaspberryPi your Pi is able and should automatically boot from USB. If for some reason it does not, here is how to change the boot order manually. Use the command line and make sure that you run the latest EEPROM Version by […]

How to Automatically Restart NCP Docker

Docker is a useful tool, but you might have a power outage and find NextcloudPi doesn’t restart. Let’s fix this. $ docker ps -a stopped or exited Option 1. Automatically Restart NextcloudPi Docker You can just update your already configured container (nextcloudpi) since this option is missing from the original run command. $ docker update […]

Two Factor Authentication for Nextcloud

In Nextcloud, there is the option to set up Two Factor Authentication. The steps you have to follow in order to use it are the following: Install TOTP app on Nextcloud. Enable TOTP on Personal Settings, under TOTP second-factor auth section. A QR code will show up. Install andOTP on your android phone (you can […]

How to get certificate with Letsencrypt using DNS to verify domain

Sometimes ports 80 and 443 are not available. We are going to use Letsencrypt’s certbot –manual and –preffered-challenges dns options to get certificates and activate them manually. You’ll need a domain name (also known as host) and access to the DNS records to create a TXT record pointing to: _acme-challenge.yourNCP.yourdomain.tld with a challenge value provided […]

How to configure NextCloudPi

Choose an User Interface You can configure the NextCloudPi instance from the terminal user interface (TUI) or from the web user interface (WebUI). Note: The back-end is the same. All options can be accessible in either UI.  Edit: the webUI has some nice additional features in more current versions (v1.24.2 April14th2020) TUI To access the […]

How to configure Lets Encrypt with closed ports 80 and 443

This entry was originally written by @albrechtar in this github question How to get SSL certs without using Cert Bot (in case you would need to use alternate ports on your instance of NextCloudPi) You would need to then manually update your SSL certs on your instance of NextCloudPi. You will need a domain name […]

How to configure an external USB drive with NextCloudPi

This guide will help you configure an external USB drive. Important note: If you are using only one USB drive, you can leave the default path /media/USBdrive for all configuration options, but if you are going to use more than one you need to reference them by label, or NCP will not be able to […]

How to backup and restore using nc snapshot

Goal To fully backup and restore your NC instance containing: NCP -configurations, NC -configurations, NC -database, NC -data (ncdata contains all user`s files in cloud) Snapshots are very fast and takes very little space because they are not duplicating your data while they are versioning it. In this backup strategy you use BTRFS -snapshots function […]

Add a new language to ncp web

In order to create a new language for ncp-web, follow these steps start your development environment download the templates from here  [BROKEN LINK-Please provide new location 😉 ] You can view the Chinese translation, which is the most translated translation of the current NCP. (using Chinese translation as a template) Since the file has not […]