Hardening NextcloudPi

So, you’ve setup NextcloudPi. How do you harden it? Please help expand these sections. This is not a perfect formula by any means, but suggestions follow. The best security is to never put sensitive data online. “We have an illusion of security, we don’t have security. But, we can still have best practices.” Change your […]

How do I change my Docker run command?

You’ve just followed the installation guide, but want to change your run command. I just forgot something. Update the container while it is running. $ docker update nextcloudpi $ADD-MISSING-OPTIONS and the new options will be appended. Don’t forgot to test everything is working by restarting. $ docker restart nextcloudpi Let’s write a totally new run […]

How to Automatically Restart NCP Docker

Docker is a useful tool, but you might have a power outage and find NextcloudPi doesn’t restart. Let’s fix this. $ docker ps -a stopped or exited Option 1. Automatically Restart NextcloudPi Docker You can just update your already configured container (nextcloudpi) since this option is missing from the original run command. $ docker update […]