How to get started with NCP docker

Install Docker I used the docker documentation for Debian which worked fine, but you’ll find instructions for other Linux flavors, MacOS and Windows  there too. Download and start The x86 version of NextCloudPi docker container features the latest Nextcloudpi networking and system management extras. Download it with: docker pull ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-x86 docker pull ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-armhf     (If using […]

How to access NextCloudPi

This guide will help you access NextCloudPi. Access Instant Domain Name Access When up and running, your device should become accessible at https://nextcloudpi or https://nextcloudpi.local. First time access will be redirected automatically to the activation page Copy the passwords for later use, you will be able to review or reset them with nc-admin (for NC) […]

How to access from outside your network

You can do these steps from the TUI or from the WebUI. Port Forwarding Most home Routers come with a firewall installed which blocks outside requests to inside computers. In order for you to access your Nextcloud from the outside of your house, you need to allow ports 80 and 443 and forward them to […]

How and where to get help

Where Your best chance at getting help and getting answers is asking questions on the forum. Please do take the time to investigate (search), maybe your question has already been asked and answered. Thank you! For general discussion you can join us at Telegram chat group Only bugs, issues and feature requests concerning NCP code […]

Berryboot install NextCloudPi on an external drive step by step

A step by step guide to installing NextCloudPi to an external drive using Berryboot. First we need to install Berryboot, it’s a bootloader and management tool for OS installations on your Raspberry Pi. You will choose where your NextCloud installation will reside in this part. In the second part we will use a specially squashfs […]

Should I use a Raspberry Pi

Hi, I’m looking to use NextcloudPi; should I use a Raspberry Pi? You certainly can! The latest Pi model will have better performance, but has a few downsides as nicely described in What’s Wrong with the Raspberry Pi. If you want to learn more about rpi’s power requirements, this article will be of use. Pi […]

How to install Webmin to nextcloudpi

This guide will help you to install Webmin to nextcloudpi. I tried to install webmin to nextcloudpi on odroid xu4 and I had some troubles, so I decided to write an short guide how to do it. Maybe the same problems are existing on some of the other images of nextcloudpi. At first I started […]

Two Factor Authentication for Nextcloud

In Nextcloud, there is the option to set up Two Factor Authentication. The steps you have to follow in order to use it are the following: Install TOTP app on Nextcloud. Enable TOTP on Personal Settings, under TOTP second-factor auth section. A QR code will show up. Install andOTP on your android phone (you can […]

How to get certificate with Letsencrypt using DNS to verify domain

Sometimes ports 80 and 443 are not available. We are going to use Letsencrypt’s certbot –manual and –preffered-challenges dns options to get certificates and activate them manually. You’ll need a domain name (also known as host) and access to the DNS records to create a TXT record pointing to: _acme-challenge.yourNCP.yourdomain.tld with a challenge value provided […]