Basic terminal commands SSH/Putty

The List of Basic SSH Commands In this part, we will go through popular SSH commands, complete with their syntaxes and useful options. Here’s a quick look of the basic SSH commands that we’ll cover in this article: SSH Command Explanation ls Show directory contents (list the names of files). cd Change Directory. mkdir Create […]

Curl installer

Debian installer As a first step towards enjoying Nextcloud on systems other that the Raspberry Pi, a new way of installing NextCloudPi was introduced. We can now install NextCloudPi in any Debian Buster system of any architecture with # curl -sSL | bash   Of course, you should inspect the code first. With this […]

How to ask forum questions

Copy/Paste from  +minor edits How do I ask a good question on a forum? Thanks to: Ove Lindström Oct 15, 2015 7:26 PM I love forums. The nerdier the better. One of my absolute favourite ones in the Java Ranch. ( Why? Because they have a good tradition of asking good question. This, unfortunately, […]

How to permanently mount a Nextcloud Webdavfolder using the terminal

I was looking for a way to achieve this for several Virtual Machines: VirtualPrivateServer and local VirtualBox, in order to replace Dropbox and Rsync. These servers run backups creating tar.gz files from directories, sqldatabase dumps, and copy configuration and installation files, triggered by crontab. Space is limited so these files do not change name, they […]

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is NextCloudPi? NCP an officially recognized Nextcloud community project that provides a working Nextcloud instance out of the box in the form of SD card image for the Raspberry Pi, Odroid HC1 and other boards, x86 and ARM docker containers, and an installer for any Debian-based system. How do I install NextCloudPi on a […]

Staying up to date

You should keep your NCP instance up to date using some or all of the options available from ncp-web/updates or ncp-config/updates. Keep in mind that there are 3 separate things that need updates; The OperatingSystem (Debian/Raspbian), use unattended-upgrades Nextcloud, use nc-autoupdate-nc NextCloudPi, use nc-autoupdate-ncp It is highly recommended to use these tools, other methods, including […]


Welcome to the NextCloudPi wiki! This is a collection of information about how to install NextCloudPi and most of the configuration options. Please contribute – this is how open source communities thrive! To do so, and become a registered member here, come and join us, leave a comment on NCP Wiki Team’s Telegram group, to […]

Workflow and testing of new features

Updates run by ncp-update take the latest version from the master branch of the repo. These features need to be well tested in order to be merged to that branch. The typical workflow is Create a feature in a local separate branch Create a Pull Request to the devel branch Test the devel branch Merge […]

Testing NextCloudPi

This document describes the workflow to building and testing NCP. Help is welcome and needed! The more testers there are the less each single one of them has to work. Please, write us in the forums or Telegram if you are interested. Procedure @nachoparker is in charge of batch building all the appliances. The build […]