NextCloudPi (VM) on Proxmox

Difficulty Level: medium There are multiple ways of running NCP on a Proxmox Server. All have their advantages and disadvantages. This tutorial will present you with one of the options. It is intended to help beginners and does not claim to be the best solution. We encourage you to try multiple ways and choose the […]

RaspberryPi 4: Change Boot Order Manually

Difficulty Level: very easy If you are running the latest Firmware on the RaspberryPi your Pi is able and should automatically boot from USB. If for some reason it does not, here is how to change the boot order manually. Use the command line and make sure that you run the latest EEPROM Version by […]

How To Restore NextCloudPi Backup using web panel.

Difficulty Level: easy Restore your Backup Restoring NCP Settings Note: These are only the Settings of NCP, no users, no apps, only what you have configured in the NCP TUI or GUI. Login to the NextcloudPi web panel (at nextcloudpi.local) On the left in the section “System” choose “nc-automount” and activate it. login to your […]